How to reset Bose SoundTouch to factory default settings

Quickly fix any errors in your Bose SoundTouch 10, 20 or 30: Bluetooth pairing problems, wifi connection problems.

Reset Buttons on a Bose SoundTouch 20

By restoring your Bose Soundtouch system to factory settings, all paired Bluetooth devices, stored Wi-Fi network profiles and other configuration changes are removed. The Bose speaker looks like new.

The resetting procedure is simple:

Turn on your SoundTouch. Press and hold the Preset button 1 and the Volume Down button for 10 seconds (as in the image above). The system’s display will show a countdown. When it reaches zero, you have done!

Just reconnect your SoundTouch system to a Wi-Fi network, so that you can continue enjoying Spotify music or online radio stations (TuneIn) in an easy and fast way thanks to its preselection buttons. But, if you want to access your music without having to press any button, you can ask Amazon Alexa to put the music for you.

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