How to download YouTube Shorts to your PC or phone?

It was only a matter of time before YouTube embraced the short form videos made popular by Instagram and TikTok. They are called Shorts and appear on the YouTube platform together with the usual size videos.

YouTube Shorts are vertically oriented and are much shorter than these, at most one minute. However, due to the variety of the topics they address, it may be interesting to have a copy of them saved on our cell phone or computer. So we will have the possibility to enjoy entertaining content when we do not have an Internet connection or share it with our friends.

How to save a YouTube Short on your PC or phone?

There are several online tools for this purpose, but ShortsNoob is one of the recommended ones, as it specializes in downloading YouTube Shorts. In addition, it does so in its original quality and following a very simple procedure using an Internet browser for PC or smartphone. These are the steps to follow.

First of all, go to YouTube and open the Short you want to download. Click the Share option for this video, and then click Copy (Copy Link).

Once you have copied the link, go to the ShortsNoob page and paste it in the SEARCH field located at the top.

The different file formats in which the video can be downloaded will appear immediately: video + audio, video, or purely audio.

Choose the format you prefer and click on its Download option. Confirm the action and wait for a copy of the video to download to your device.

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