How To Turn Off WhatsApp Without Disconnecting From The Internet?

WhatsApp is the communication tool par excellence. Starting from simple instant messages, it has managed to evolve and adapt to the new times, offering more and better functions such as video calls, audio calls, sending multimedia files and voice messages, among many others.

All of them with a very good purpose. However, its constant use or WhatsApp’s on-screen notification system could be too distracting at times when you want to watch movies, listen to music, or simply rest.

One solution for such inconveniences is to turn off the Wi-Fi connection and disable mobile data, but this is the same as removing Internet access for the rest of the applications. However, there is a simple trick that allows you to temporarily suspend WhatsApp without forcing other applications to work in offline mode. The trick is as follows and it only works on Android system smartphones.

How to temporarily suspend your WhatsApp account?

Go into the settings menu of your Android phone and go to the Applications section.

Next, locate the WhatsApp application and open its tab.

Then, click on the Force stop button. Finally, confirm the requested action.

With this, the operation of WhatsApp will be suspended until you decide to open the application manually.

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