How to delete the Others Files on Xiaomi phones

Despite the fact that MIUI is an operating system that offers a great user experience, its management of storage space on the phone leaves many doubts, something that can be noticed in the excessive amount of information that the Other files folder can hold.

It is enough to enter the storage section of our Xiaomi phones to check the data consumption of that folder, often occupying a good percentage of the internal memory, which can contribute to a low performance of the equipment, in addition to the fact to leave us without space to store more personal information.

As it is a folder that contains uncategorized information, it can be a difficult task to remove it completely. However, we provide you with a couple of alternative solutions with which you can recover space in said folder and therefore have more memory on your Xiaomi phone.

Use the MIUI cleaning tool

Go to Settings > Security. Then run the cleanup tool.

Delete files from MIUI folder

  1. Open the File Manager app and select the MIUI folder.
  2. Browse between the debug_log and Gallery subfolders of this main folder for large files or temporary files.
  3. Locate these files and proceed to delete them from the phone memory.

Image by Amarnath Radhakrishnan from Pixabay


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