How to find a stolen or lost iPhone

Locate your iPhone or iPad on a map using any web browser.

Your iPhone includes a native application, called Find my iPhone, to locate it and control it via the Internet in case you lose it or it is stolen. With just enable it, you can use any web browser to locate your device on a map, lock your screen with a code, erase its content or simply make it play a sound.

Note: To enable Find My iPhone, go to Settings > your username > iCloud > Find My iPhone.

How to locate your iPhone from your PC or other smartphone

Go to iCloud using the web browser of your PC or mobile phone. Then, log in with your Apple account and click on the Find iPhone.

If your iPhone is turned on, connected to the Internet (via wifi or mobile networks) and has the location activated, a map with its exact location will appear, as well as various functions to control it.

If the map shows your current location, you can use the Play Sound feature to locate it more easily. Your iPhone will sound even when silent mode is activated.

In case you do not have the Find my iPhone service enabled, you can not locate it, but you can use Lost Mode to block it with a password to protect your information.

If your iPhone keeps important information and not think you can get it back, you can remove all contents. To do this, click on Erase iPhone and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.


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