How to use a Huawei phone as a bluetooth mouse for TV or PC?

Using the smartphone as a wireless accessory for the computer is no novelty. Many applications allow us to use it as a webcam and even as a set of keyboard and mouse, but with the condition of installing two programs.

One that is installed on the computer running in server mode and another that is installed as a mobile application working in client mode, requiring to make settings on both equipment and use a Wi -Fi connection.

This is not the case of the Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse application that is executed on Android.

What is the Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse app for?

Its function is to serve as a touchpad and touch keyboard Bluetooth device compatible with remote control using wireless accessories, such as an Android TV television (or Google TV). And without having to configure a server program. In addition, the app also works on Windows and Chromebook computers.

How to install and configure Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse?

Its installation and configuration is very simple. First, activate the connection of your Huawei Android phone (P30, P40, P40 Lite) and put the device or computer that you want to control in a pairing mode, also called detection mode.

Once this is done, open the application, navigate your starting screens until you find the start option.

Then click on the option Configure remote device. On the new connection screen, click on add a new device.

Use any of the available connection options and end the connection.

What to do if the device to control is Chromecast with Google TV?

In this case, the connection is not entirely intuitive. However, the application itself allows connection with devices that cannot be easily paired through the function connect to a hidden device, offering the possibility of matching them using their Bluetooth address.

That is why it is necessary to know this information, which is in the chromecast device settings with Google TV.

How to know the Bluetooth address of your Chromecast with Google TV?

Follow these steps.

Use the remote control to enter the configuration section. Then, navigate to System > About > State. In this section, you will find the Bluetooth address, together with the MAC address, IP address, among other connection parameters.

Image credits: Farukgarib in Pixabay

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