Recover photos from a micro SD card with SanDisk Rescue PRO

SD and micro SD cards (their smallest size variant) are high-performance and highly resistant memory devices, two characteristics that have led them to become the primary storage units for digital cameras, camcorders, bicycle computers, and even minicomputers like the Raspberry Pi. That is why they keep valuable information that is subject to accidental deletion, unwanted formatting, among other kinds of risks.

In this situation, it is essential that you stop using the SD drive, as this will allow you to have greater recovery success. And while it is true that the scanning tools of the operating system no longer show a deleted file, it is still present on the memory device until the space it occupied is overwritten and the file in question is permanently lost. Something that will happen if you continue to use the storage unit with problems.

There is a wide variety of free programs specialized in data recovery from these storage devices such as Recuva, Disk Drill or Photo Rec, but when faced with the loss of high definition multimedia files or valuable documents such as those stored on a memory device SD or micro SD, it is best to trust a professional solution.

This is the case of SanDisk Rescue Pro, a program that used to be incorporated into the first generations of SD cards distributed by the SanDisk company, but which also has a commercial version that is compatible with memory cards from other brands and, in general, with all kinds of storage devices.

The good news is that SanDisk RescuePro allows it to be run in demo mode on your PC. That is to say, you can evaluate the unit whose data you want to recover, and in the event that they have been located by the program, make the decision to acquire the product license to restore them.

How to use SanDisk RescuePro in demo mode

To get started, connect the SD or micro SD drive to your Windows or Mac computer.

Then download the SanDisk RescuePro setup file from its developers page and run it.

When the product activation window appears, click Cancel. At this point the SanDisk Rescue Pro interface will open.

Now, click on the operation you want to perform, select the previously entered SD or micro SD drive. And then click Start.

It will start a scanning process that will take a few minutes. When finished, you can preview the found files (pictures or videos) and save them to your hard drive.

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