How to install the new Winamp 2022 on Windows?


Winamp is a legendary multimedia player that captivated music fans with its interesting functions and features, including a large library of skins or skins with which its appearance could be customized, a powerful equalizer and very intuitive playback controls, support for sound effects, and a system of attractive full-screen displays.

Winamp was one of the favorite ways to listen to music back in the day when downloading MP3 or converting tracks from CDs to this format were the best options. However, the advancement of streaming technology and the emergence of mobile devices were factors that started to lag behind.

And so it remained for almost two decades until the team responsible for its development decided to revive it with a very important update.

This update released in July 2022 maintains the main features of the traditional version of Winamp but adds support for the latest generation audio formats. It is also paving the way for a future major update that promises to bring listening to music on a computer to an unparalleled experience.

How to get Winamp 2022 on Windows?

Winamp can be installed for free on computers running Windows versions later than Windows 7.

To try this new version of Winamp on your PC you just have to download its installation file from the following official link:

Once done, all you have to do is run it so that the familiar Winamp interface appears on your screen. From there you can play the songs that you have saved on your hard drive or external storage units, change skins to the player, add effects, etc.

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