How to access the AOC TV hidden menu (Xmart UI / Turnkey 5.0)

Most electronic devices and televisions have a service menu designed for use by technical personnel in charge of maintenance or repair. This menu is not accessible from the main menu and rather remains hidden because it contains advanced options that are not so understandable for the average user.

How to enter the hidden menu on AOC TV

On AOC smart TVs based on the Xmart UI or Turnkey 5.0 platform the service menu is hidden behind a combination of button presses on the remote control. Since both lines of televisions manufactured by AOC have a similar remote control, the sequence is the same and here we show it to you.

  1. First, turn on your AOC TV.
  2. Point the remote control at your screen and press the INFO key followed by the sequence 1999 plus the BACK key.

How to reset an AOC TV from the hidden menu

One of the most used options in a computer is the factory reset, because through this procedure it is possible to solve the errors in the configuration of the applications or misadjustments produced by its own users.

From the hidden menu of the AOC televisions it is also possible to do a factory reset; You just have to take into consideration that after the process is done you will have to configure the channels or network connections again, among other details. These are the steps to follow.

  1. Turn on your TV and enter the hidden menu using the combination of buttons indicated in the previous paragraph.
  2. Scroll on this screen to the Reset to Virgin option and press the OK button. The TV will turn off when the process is complete.

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