How to connect your Smart TV to an old sound system?

Today, there are plenty of ways to get your TV’s audio outside and throw your workout content into a party. For example, HDMI (HDMI ARC), Bluetooth, digital optical cable, headphones, and RCA analog. And since almost all these connections are present in modern audio equipment and sound bars, it is enough to choose one of them to enjoy the TV at a higher volume than that provided by its integrated speakers.

But this does not imply that the same cannot be done with old sound equipment. Although they do not have digital inputs, it is enough that they have their usual audio inputs, that is, an RCA audio input (with red and white connectors) or an auxiliary audio input the size of the headphone jack (3.5 mm) to amplify virtually any sound signal from an external source, including smart TVs.

So it’s all a matter of getting the right audio cable, selecting the audio output on the TV as well as the respective audio input on the sound system, and getting ready to enjoy music videos or music streaming at full volume.

In addition, the cables are very cheap and are easily available, either the RCA to RCA cable, the 3.5 mm male jack audio cable, or the 3.5 mm male to RCA jack cable, the latter two being the ones needed to output the audio from the TV through its headphone output.

It is even possible to connect a Bluetooth receiver with RCA inputs to our old sound equipment. This accessory receives the signals from a Bluetooth-compatible smart TV (Android TV, Google TV) and transmits them to the sound system through its RCA connection, being also very cheap and easy to set up.

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