How to turn on Bluetooth on LG Smart TV

LG TVs powered by WebOS are quite versatile gadgets when it comes to Bluetooth audio streaming. They can be easily connected to wireless sound bars, speakers, and headphones for a better listening experience than with their built-in speakers.

It also has a Bluetooth music playback function that allows them to play audio content sent from a cell phone, either with their own speakers or external speakers connected by the user. In the following lines we show you how to activate these functions.

How to turn on Bluetooth on your LG TV

The Bluetooth function of LG TVs is activated by default, however, to pair a new device it is necessary to perform a fairly simple procedure with the help of the remote control. It is even possible to do it with your voice when you have the Magic Control knob. These are the steps you must follow

First put your Bluetooth speaker, headset, or soundbar into discovery mode.

Next, on the remote control, press the Home button. Then, go to Settings and select the All Settings option. On the screen that appears, select the Audio option. Then select Audio Out.

Tap Device selection and wait a few moments for the TV to detect the Bluetooth device you want to pair with. Next, select the detected device and wait for the connection to be notified.

Connect a Bluetooth headset to LG TV using the Magic Control

This option works when the Bluetooth headset (or speaker) has already been paired with the LG TV. To make the connection with the Magic Control remote, simply press the microphone button and speak the Bluetooth command. Then select the device you want.

Launch the Bluetooth Audio Player on LG TV

Press the Home button to open the quick access menu. Then navigate between the icons and select Bluetooth Audio Playback. Once the player is open, pair your cell phone with the LG TV. After this step you can send your songs to the TV.

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3 thoughts on “How to turn on Bluetooth on LG Smart TV”

  1. I have a LG smart TV (I cannot find a specific LG4 or LG5 ID) that when I select home and then select the gearwheel (setting) I do not find any reference to Bluetooth in the selection list. What am I doing wrong or am I looking under the wrong selection?

    Thank you.

    1. Not working for me.There is no ‘External Device” in mine and no Bluetooth either. Manufactured in August, 2020 and i got it in September of the same year

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