How to get Google apps on Huawei 2021

Googleโ€™s veto of Huawei has become a headache for Android users addicted to this brand, because when renewing their old terminals for the new models they find themselves with the limitations to access the services of the North American technological giant, among them, YouTube, Gmail or Google Maps.

Although it is true that many of these services are accessible from the mobile browser integrated in Huawei phones, it causes some discomfort to access their functions without using the corresponding mobile applications.

That is why we present a very effective way to access the majority of Google apps and services from your P40, P40 Lite, Y7P phone or any other Huawei terminal manufactured from 2021. Simply install the Gspace application from the Huawei App Gallery and follow a few additional simple steps. Here we show you.

How to download Google applications on Huawei

  1. First, enter the App Gallery store of your Huawei terminal and search for the Gspace application.
  2. Download and open Gspace.
  3. Grants the permissions it requests and waits for it to load.
  4. You may notice that it offers access to some predefined apps that include YouTube and Gmail. Click on them so that you have them on your Huawei phone through Gspace.

And if what you want is to access the Play Store, go to the next step.

  1. Press and hold on any different application and select the Boost option. You will immediately be redirected to the Play Store.
  2. Tap Sign in and enter your Google credentials.
  3. From now on you will be able to download the applications that are not available in the App Gallery and that on the contrary are in the Google Play Store catalog.

Note: keep in mind that Gspace offers you a virtual space in which it is capable of emulating a Huawei terminal compatible with Google apps, for example, a Huawei Mate 20 or the P30 model, so it could be incompatible with financial applications or of any other type that base their operation on the exact identification of the mobile device on which they run.

Image: Huawei

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