How to read your Gmail messages out loud

Checker Plus can read your new Gmail messages to you out loud in Chrome

Checker Plus for Gmail is an extension for the Chrome browser that has the function of notifying the arrival of new Gmail emails. It does this visually by placing a pop-up notice on the screen that includes an unread email counter, but it can also be configured to emit a custom sound or read the message aloud, which is useful if the user is absent for a few moments from his desk.

Checker Plus for Gmail is a very versatile add-on, since it allows you to use it with multiple Gmail accounts, it can display the photo of the contact that sends the message and work in the background, that is, it continues to notify when the Chrome browser has been closed. In addition, it allows reading and writing emails, as well as managing the main Gmail functions without having to leave the tab in use.

Set up Checker Plus for Gmail to read your messages

  1. Add Checker Plus for Gmail to Chrome.
  1. Right-click on the Checker Plus for Gmail icon and select Options.
  1. On the settings page, click the NOTIFICATIONS tab.
  2. Under Sound notifications, choose You’ve got mail.
  3. Under Voice notifications, choose Google US English.
  1. Finally, click on the ADMIN tab and click SAVE OPTIONS.

Going forward, when you receive a message from Gmail, Checker Plus for Gmail will notify you and read it out loud.

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