How to watch Netflix Party on your TV

Watch on your TV the Netflix series and movies that your friends share with you

Unfortunately, movies shared by the Netflix Party extension cannot be directly enjoyed on TV. The Chrome browser is not available in the smart TV app stores and the alternatives that exist are not fully functional. However, there are ways to stream movies to the big screen, either by connecting the PC to the TV via HDMI cable or projecting images wirelessly. For this, there are devices such as Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV or Android TV boxes.

It is even possible to project the screen of the Windows 10 computer to the smart TV using the Miracast technology incorporated in these devices. Each television manufacturer names the Miracast technology they use on their computers differently, but they work exactly the same. Some examples are All Share Cast on Samsung, Screen Share on LG, Screen Mirroring on Sony, Anyview on Hisenseā€¦

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